Luna Moth

The beautiful luna moth.

We have a majestic visitor – a gorgeous luna moth at our front door.

Luna Moth

This luna moth stayed for a full 12 hour day.

Then it was gone when I awoke in the morning.

Luna Moth

I am fascinated by these elusive creatures, so I did a little research and here is what I found:

The luna moth is one of the largest moths in North America. In my opinion, also the most beautiful, with its bright green wings and “eye” spots. An adult luna moth doesn’t have a mouth and cannot eat. Their lifespan is only about 7 days, just long enough for them to reproduce :( . Although the luna moth is fairly common, sightings are rare because of their short life span and the fact that they are nocturnal. This is the second time I’ve seen a luna moth within a year or two. And strangely enough, the first one was also at our front door. Sadly, I think this one has chosen our home as its final resting place. I am grateful that we were able to see such a lovely creature before it passed on.


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Send us a comment or link to any luna moth sightings you may have!

Red Barn Artworks... A small company with a big passion to create meaningful art from everyday photos.

Click here to learn more about who we are!

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5 Responses to “Luna Moth

  1. Tasha says:

    Wow, gorgeous – I never knew such thing existed! So during their short lifespan, do they DO anything, like pollinate things? I need to go read up more about them myself…

    • suerae says:

      Isn’t it beautiful? I love it’s fluffy white body. This is the first time I was able to see one from the side like that – so cool! I don’t think they pollinate anything. They have a typical butterfly kind of beginning, from what I read, and then when it finally reaches the pretty adult stage, it mates, lays eggs, dies. All in a matter of a week!

  2. LeAnne says:

    We just had one hanging out on our screen for a few days last week. I snapped some pics as well. Just beautiful.

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