Fab Foto Fridays – Kids!

Over the years I’ve taken quite a few photos of the kids, and just for fun, I played around with adding different paint effects. Some of my favorite pictures don’t even show my kids faces. I adore candid shots from when they were little of throwing rocks or feeding goats. Just seeing their little arms and legs, their hair and shoes, melts my heart. So, I thought for this Fab Foto Friday, I would share my creations of my little ones (even though they are teenagers now).

I hope you enjoy these…






The above photograph was taken by Artisan Images in Chesterfield, NH and the photographer, Alisa Barry,  gave me permission to use the photo. I added a very subtle paint effect to it. I love Alisa’s work – I could never get my kids to pose like that!










My redesigned photos of our family are my favorite works. Many of these are hung in my home and make me smile whenever I look at them. They are cherished memories with an added stroke of the graphic brush. Each one with a different style than the other. Thank you for allowing me to share my precious memories with you.

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10 Responses to “Fab Foto Fridays – Kids!

  1. Betsy says:

    Our beautiful grandchildren enhanced by their Mother’s unique talent! these are some of our favorites, too. xoxo

  2. Tasha says:

    These are AMAZING! Dayum, you’re talented. I love the ones on the beach and with the goats. Btw, yesterday I got the jewelry I ordered from your sister – and I have to say, you have a LOT of talent in your family, now that I think of it. The necklaces are gorgeous! Thank you again for showcasing her in your blog. :-)

    Miss Tasha

    • suerae says:

      Hi Tasha! Thank you for the very sweet comments. My sister will be thrilled that you are happy with the jewelry – I will be sure to let her know. I am not surprised though, she does do beautiful work! Thank you for supporting both of us! :) Have a great weekend! xo

  3. Ann says:

    Oh my goodness, Suerae, these are priceless. You need to make another book. I can see you taking the pictures and putting simple words to each page. What I Like to Do. Look at my baby brother. Look at my baby sister. Go to the beach. Feed Goats.

    Something like that.
    Ann recently posted..How Are You Doing in Becoming That Leader?My Profile

  4. These are utterly fantastic, Suerae
    It certainly helps with stunning kids, but you managed to convert those photos with panache.
    We need to talk about some of this. I’ll be following up.

  5. Those are brilliant!

    It reminds me of the pictures I take with the Paper Camera app. I love the style and the different perspectives it gives to the photos we take.

    Your redesigns bring an excellent level of life to the photo. It also reminded me how bad I need to get pictures done.

    Bryce Christiansen recently posted..Top LinkedIn Plugins For Your BlogMy Profile

    • suerae says:

      Thank you Bryce! I appreciate your kind comments. I don’t even know what a paper camera app is, but it sounds intriguing, and maybe it might put me out of business? I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. We are shoveling out of over a foot of snow right now and this does not make me happy! :)

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