Fab Foto Friday – My Favorite Dead Things

Don’t worry, no blood and guts here. Of course I had this post all ready to go because quite honestly, this winter has been lacking in the “inspiring photo department”, and then it dumps snow today. Well, I will have to try to get my camera out for some nice snowy winter shots (although I really was ready for spring and I think the bear that has been wandering the neighborhood was also hoping for spring to come). So in the meantime, you are to be treated with photos of things that I think are either dead, barely hanging on to life, or waiting to come alive again…

My Favorite Dead Things…





















I love how this last photo of the Beaver-gnawed tree trunk looks like a dress mannaquin. Who knew there were so many dead things to love? My goal during this seemingly ugly winter was to find some things that I felt were worthy of a photo and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Sometimes it just seems that you need the right focus. I hope you enjoyed these dead things as well!

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9 Responses to “Fab Foto Friday – My Favorite Dead Things

  1. Susan says:

    The last photo of the tree trunk gnawed by a beaver to look like a mannequin: I just love that one too!

    There’s an old story about an optimist being the child who digs through mountains of horse crap, telling herself, “There must be a pony here somewhere.” Similarly, Suerae, you found the beauty amidst the deadness of winter. Have a great weekend! Susan

  2. Tasha says:

    I still need to catch up on your blog – but I just had to say I LOVE the pics! So artistic and beautiful…..
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  3. Pete Sutton says:

    These are great Suerae. I too ran out and shot some photos of the snow in our area. It feels very odd to have had such a snowless winter, but I am also ready for spring!

    • suerae says:

      Thank you, Pete! I am also ready for spring – I can’t wait to photograph new growth rather than dead growth, although that was pretty fun for me. I would love to see your snowy photos! Have a great weekend! ~ Suerae

  4. Kristen says:

    Your photos are lovely. I found the last one really interesting. I would never have thought that it was gnawed by a beaver. It looks almost like it was chopped by a person but then fell down in some other way. Differences in perception I guess. We don’t seem to have many beavers in Florida. More armadillos.

    • suerae says:

      Thank you Kristen! That tree is by a beaver pond and I always wonder how they survive in the winter. Do they live in that freezing water all year round? I’ll have to look that one up. Thanks again for stopping by! ~ Suerae

  5. Tammy says:

    Happy Friday, Suerae. Lovely pics as always. Death does have a certain beauty, doesn’t it? The last was my fav, as Beavers have always intrigued me. Did you know that the Beaver is the only other critter that changes it’s habitat more than man? Interesting stuff. They are a force to be dealt with and can cause droughts or floods in neighboring areas miles away. Mighty resourceful critters too. Proves that all you really need is two front teeth. Haaa! Thanks for sharing.

    • suerae says:

      Hi Tammy! You certainly do know your share about beavers! Thank you for imparting your beaver knowledge with the rest of us. I do love beavers and I didn’t know any of that interesting trivia. There was a beaver that was hit by a car not too far from my house. My friend’s husband and daughter found it and hoisted the injured creature into a wagon and brought it home in hopes of reviving it in front of their fireplace (this must’ve happened in winter). My friend had no idea she was coming home to a giant beaver in her living room! Sadly, the poor thing died shortly after. I wish it had a happier ending, but the human intentions were good. Thank you for reading!

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