Fab Foto Friday – Chicago!

We just got back from a great vacation. It started in Chicago and ended in Phoenix. With not much time in the windy city, and a teenager with an ankle injury, we were only able to tour up and down the Magnificent Mile just a bit, with the highlights being Gino’s East pizza for lunch, some great architecture, the Cheesecake Factory for dinner (the kids favorite), and a water taxi to the train station.

As we set out on our walk along Michigan Avenue, there before us, stands a massive, hulking, laughing 30-foot-tall Marilyn Monroe with her dress flying up from under her, like the famous photo.

My first thoughts were mixed… Wow, that’s kinda cool, and at a closer glance, Okay, it’s a little weird. I’m perplexed. Is this a tribute to the famous icon? Would you want to be memorialized as a giant with people posing between your legs and taking pictures up your dress? Hmmm… Would she have loved it or hated it?

I just thought it was… well… odd. Not that there was a statue per se, but this particular statue with the whole under-the-dress thing.  I know it’s very mild compared to today’s scantily dressed standards, but the fact that she’s dead makes this seem somehow… I don’t know…inappropriate? Although it certainly got my attention. Did I look up her dress, you ask? Why… er… yes… yes I did, (head hung low for the hypocrite that I am).  And yes, I even went a step further, (head hung even lower) I took a picture. Or two. I’m just like that guy in the photo. Shameful. My family was embarrassed. I was just too curious. I was sure she’d be wearing underwear, but I just had to see what it looked like. What would you do? Would you look up Marilyn’s dress? What do you make of this statue? I’m undecided if I should show you what’s under there. Are you curious?

While I’m thinking about it, here are some fab fotos of Chicago from the Mag Mile…

Okay, okay, I guess there are plenty of photos out there of Marilyn Monroe in her underwear.

But if you might be offended in any way, don’t go any further in the post…


For the rest of you… scroll down…

Do you think it’s a bit odd? Maybe a little too in your face? In the real photos I’ve seen, the back end of her dress doesn’t fly that far up and it seems to cover more than this statue reveals. I don’t know why this statue puzzles me so. I’m not even a Marilyn fan.

Hope you enjoyed the first leg of our vacation fab fotos. Our next leg is our train journey to Flagstaff, AZ – 32 hours on a train! I hope to share those with you next week.
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Red Barn Artworks... A small company with a big passion to create meaningful art from everyday photos.

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19 Responses to “Fab Foto Friday – Chicago!

  1. Great pics! I love cityscapes. The architecture is so diverse and beautiful. I’m no Marilyn fan, but I think that she would love the attention and wouldn’t mind viewers looking up her assets so to speak. I don’t think that she was by any means a shy, reserved type. As for me, sure I would take a peak. I have no hang-ups about this type of art form.

    • suerae says:

      I’m no fan either and I’m guessing you’re right – she probably would have loved the attention. And I love cityscapes too. We live out in the country so it’s a lot of fun when we get out to the “big cities”! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great weekend! ~ Suerae

  2. You had me worried. I thought Lindsay Lohan inspired the sculpture….
    Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. recently posted..Leaving Facebook? Why would a drug company do that?My Profile

  3. Sherrie Koretke says:

    What a great story! I find the Marilyn Monroe statue interesting to say the least. All I can say is I’m glad Marilyn didn’t live during our times. Looking under her dress would have been a whole different story!
    Loved the pictures!
    Sherrie Koretke recently posted..Crafting a “New-Paradigm” BusinessMy Profile

    • suerae says:

      Haha! Sherrie – great thought and so true! Thank you for the chuckle. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this is “interesting to say the least”! Have a great weekend! ~ Suerae

  4. Tasha says:

    I HATE that statue! I think it’s gauche and tacky, and it has nothing to do with Chicago, so what’s the point? And the pics I’ve seen – of guys leering, drooling, licking her leg, whatever – I just find that offensive. Yes, I can be kind of a prude in some ways. :-) It has absolutely zero dignity, zero class, no artistic merit whatsoever as far as I’m concerned.

    But why don’t I tell you what I really think? ;-)

    Did you eat at Gino’s East? I love their pizza, yum….

  5. Tasha says:

    Okay, I was frothing at the mouth so much that I missed the part where you said you ate at Gino’s East – duh! How’d you like the pizza? :-)

    • suerae says:

      Hi Tasha! I was perplexed by the statue and it’s interesting to hear how you hate it so! Thanks for telling me how you really feel – lol! I wondered if anyone would be offended by it. I’m not a fan either and I can be a prude as well. And I was trying to figure out if there was any reason it would be in Chicago, but apparently not. Do you know if it’s a permanent fixture or a maybe it’s some kind of traveling exhibit? Someone mentioned that he thought it was fairly new and something was there before it, so maybe Marilyn too will move on! And yes, we ate Gino’s pizza, but unfortunately, we had it delivered and it had to travel a bit before we could eat it, so it probably wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. My husband used to go to Chicago a lot and that’s his favorite pizza. Talk to you soon! :)

      • Tasha says:

        It’s pretty new – been there for about a month I’d say. And thank god it’s not permanent! Designed and put up by some sculptor/artist, I have no idea why he picked MM – and it’s moving on next year, I want to say in March? Though maybe that’s wishful thinking. :-) HATE IT!

        And I don’t know, I was thinking about whether MM would have liked it – I know she liked to show off her assets and all, but I just feel like she would have thought this was tacky, having everyone stare at her bloomers, which is what the white underwear remind me of. It’s so overtly trashy, and I think she liked to be a bit more coy and mysterious. Though I’ve never seen any of her movies, so what do I know? :-)

        • suerae says:

          I agree with you. I didn’t watch any of her movies either, but somehow I think she would’ve liked a little more mystery and a little less bloomer!

  6. Lisa Kanarek says:

    Great pics! It looks like you had a fun time. I would have embarrassed my kids too by looking up Marilyn’s dress? Who could resist that? :)

  7. You asked the question – “would you look up her dress?” and I think I would ask a question right back….with Marilyn being so big, do you have a choice? HA Was someone advertising underwear? Or did I miss that part.
    Kris Henderson recently posted..Shake It Up with Good Nutrients!My Profile


    I would have expected a little more (or less),than “whitey tighties” from the worlds biggest sex symbol lol. I want to know how you decide on your trips and who books them?? I have trouble coordinating going to the Cape and staying with my sister. Also I still dont know how to get your replies unless I search for them???

    • suerae says:

      Lol! Were you expecting a thong? Haha! Maybe the whitey tighties were risque back then! It’s a joint effort between Bob and I to book this trip. It’s a lot of work, I think, to book a vacation. The planning seems to take forever! If you want to receive replies to a post, I think you can check a box after you comment that says “Check here if you want to receive replies” or something like that. But if you check it, you will receive all comments, not just my reply. Thanks Laurie!

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